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Optimum Loading for Axial Fans

Session One:

(European / Asia Business Hours)

Date: Wednesday 17th October

This session has now taken place.

Session Two

(USA Business Hours)

Date: Thursday 18th October

This session has now taken place.

Short Abstract: This one hour educational webinar will present the results of an industry wide study aimed at identifying generally applicable design guidelines for the design of high efficiency and low noise axial fans. The study, sponsored by 16 fan manufacturers and supported by 6 universities and research institutes, included large parametric study of the main parameters for axial fans design such as blade loading distributions, vortex patterns and stacking conditions (sweep angles).

Initially 22 different designs were generated and analysed in coarse-mesh CFD, 14 were then experimentally tested in anechoic chamber and finally 6 designs were selected for detailed fine-mesh CFD analysis.

The presentation will provide detailed review of numerical and experimental results highlighting:

  • Analysis of different Vortex structures;
  • Identification of limiting streamlines and effects from tip leakage vortex formation;
  • Examination of total pressure loss coefficients.

The webinar will conclude on presenting optimum loading configuration for systematic design of high efficiency and low noise axial fans.

A 15min Q&A Session will be held at the end of the Webinar to answer participants’ questions.

Who should attend: All engineers involved with the design and analysis of axial fans are encouraged to attend this educational session.

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Prof Mehrdad Zangeneh

About the author: The webinar will be presented by Mehrdad Zangeneh who is Professor of Thermofluids at University College London and Founding Director of Advanced Design Technology, Ltd. For the past 26 years he has been involved in development of advanced turbomachinery design codes based on 3D inverse design approach and automatic optimization to turbomachinery design. His research has resulted in important breakthroughs in turbomachinery and marine propulsor design. He has been granted 6 international patents. In 2000, he was awarded the Japan’s Turbomachinery Society’s Gold Medal and in 2003 he was awarded the Donald Julius Grone Prize by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in UK.