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Learn how TURBOdesign Suite’s 3D inverse design approach provides a more logical design environment which directly helps designers to achieve breakthrough designs. Participate in this unique five webinar series which explain the optimum blade loading for a variety of pump stage configurations and applications.

DISCOVER how world leading pump manufactures are keeping their competitive edge

  • "TURBOdesign1 does not rely on empiricism, and, hence, it is easy to train new designers who can become productive quickly. With TURBOdesign1, typical performance improvements of the order of two to three percentage points can be obtained over the best so-called state-of-art designs."

    "More importantly, the company has since increased sales through improved design efficiency as each design that saves a few percentage points of efficiency over an older design method makes Carver’s product offering much more competitive."

    Mark Post, Chief Operating Officer

  • "TURBOdesign1 enabled us to achieve a significant hydraulic performance improvement in a relatively short space of time. TURBOdesign1 has enabled us to meet our customer requirements in terms of performance and compactness of our stages with ease"

    Mr Deok-Su KIM

  • "TURBOdesign1 considerably supported ANDRITZ Pumps in accelerating the hydraulic design process. Our experience is that TURBOdesign1 provides good solutions in a very short period of time, especially when starting from scratch"

    Arno Gehrer, Director of Research & Development, Pumps Division

  • "TURBOdesign1 has been applied to find the optimum blade geometry for various types of pumps. For these types of pumps, the optimum design parameters that enable the highest efficiency, suction performance, smallest size, stall free characteristics, and limit load characteristics, have been established in a range of specific speeds."

    "Our new integrated system based on TURBOdesign1 and the new fabrication system has enabled us to shorten the design time from a week to a few days"

    Takashi Enomoto, General Manager, Fluid Dynamics Technologies Development Office, Custom Pump Development Department

  • "We appreciate TURBOdesign1 for the development of our new machines which were previously not part of our product range. As a result of the development which included the use of TURBOdesign1, the line-up series for the new in-line type hydraulic turbine for micro power generation was developed within a very short period of time. The development of this technology has allowed us to expand extensively"

    Dr. S. Miyauchi, Section Manager

  • "TURBOdesign1 is an intelligent design tool, which gives us fresh insight into the fluid dynamics of the flow through the pump stage. It’s not only a convenient tool to shorten cost and development time, but also a thinking tool to help achieve the best design out of the conventional wisdom."

    Dr Yoshiki Yoshida

Experience the unique capabilities of TURBOdesign Suite during a full week Online Test-Drive follow the tutorials or bring in your own design specifications to create breakthrough designs. During the Test-Drive you will experience how TURBOdesign Suite helps designers to cut the number of CFD iterations, explore wider areas of the design space and achieve higher pump stage efficiency.

Webinar 1: 28 August 2013

Evolutions in pump design using TURBOdesign Suite

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Webinar 2: 11 September 2013

Reducing pump stage hydrodynamic losses through 3D inverse design

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Webinar 3: 25 September 2013

Controlling cavitation in pumps

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Webinar 4: 9 October 2013

Advanced inverse volute design

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Webinar 5: 23 October 2013

Compact pump design and reduction of manufacturing costs

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Breakthrough pump design using TURBOdesign Suite
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Pump stage hydrodynamic losses and their reduction using TURBOdesign Suite
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Controlling cavitation in pumps
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Advanced inverse volute design
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Compact pump design and reduction of manufacturing costs
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