Our Technology

ADT's 3D inverse design technology is unique and has been extensively used in industrial design environments. Our key staff are well known internationally and have made significant contributions to all areas of turbomachinery design.

We understand your needs

We work closely with some of the largest companies in the automotive, aerospace, industrial and marine turbomachinery field. Our experience gives us unique insights into the demands of the globally competitive turbomachinery industry.

We add value to your business at many levels

Aerodynamic design may represent only a small percentage of the total cost of bringing a turbomachine to market. But it can have a significant effect on your competitive position.

ADT can help to deliver advanced aerodynamic design codes which puts your designer in control of the blade design process; expert consultancy and design services in all areas of turbomachinery to supplement your in-house knowledge or a tailor made software solution to revolutionize your design system.