News / Avio utilizes TURBOdesign-1 for Aeroengine LP Turbines

Inverse design of aeronautical turbines in Avio S.p.A design process.

In 1995 Avio S.p.A launched an internal review leading to powerfully revamp the whole aero turbines design process, methodology and tools quality for the design of Turbines.

This was carried out also on other critical disciplines governing the products design and control. Several contacts had been taken with various Universities and technological centers in Europe to identify those, whose ìpotentialî in terms of ìbreakthrough in turbine designî, was promising. Advanced Design Technology was one of those selected centers of excellence Avio S.p.A decided to co-operate with.

Mr Ennio Spano at Avio S.p.A Research Centre concluded; 

Another important point of attention of the Avio and ADT collaboration is the high quality of technicians and scientists working in both groups, leading to a continuous exchange of feedback and suggestions to identify the most promising paths on how to use and develop TURBOdesign-1 and TURBOdesign-2 codes. Our common view of the turbomachinery aerodynamic design challenge will hopefully lead to enhanced methods that can help to produce simpler, more innovative and efficient Aeroengines.

To read more please download the full report in ADTís Aerospace Application focus sheet.