News / Release of TURBOdesignSuite V3

Advanced Design Technology, the global leader in turbomachinery blade design is pleased to announce the release of TURBOdesignSuite V3. TURBOdesignSuite represents an important milestone in the development of advanced aerodynamic design codes based on inverse design approach for 3D design of all kinds of Turbomachinery. In TURBOdesignSuite V3 we have ensured seamless integration of the TURBOdesign within existing CAE systems. TURBOdesignSuite also enables customers to import existing databases of good designs into its environment. 

One important aspect of the TURBOdesignSuite is that it brings together the different codes TURBodesign-1, TURBOdesign-2, TURBOcfd, etc under a single Graphical user interface which allows you to access all these codes with simplicity. Also we have added a new module TDCAD, which provides major additional functionality. We plan to add other new modules to the TURBOdesignSuite in future to create a comprehensive platform for aerodynamic design of turbomachinery.

Highlights of TURBOdesignSuite V3
New Module TDCAD
• Conversion module which allows the translation of IGES surface data into native TURBOdesign point data.
• Allows the automatic generation of all the required TURBOdesign data files from an exisiting surface IGES file.
• A Quasi-3D analysis module; the blade loading for a given blade geometry is computed with ease. Designers are better able to relate the features of the optimum blade geometry to the hydrodynamics of the flow and derive more general design know-how from the existing database.
• Direct Design Module which allows the small manipulation of the blade shape computed by TURBOdesign-1 to meet possible constraints in manufacturing.
Other Features
• Real gas model. Including a unified model for both two phase and superheated regions.
• Enhanced trimming functionality. Allowing designers to design trimmed geometries with fixed specific work and pressure ratio with ease.
• Features to monitor the pitchwise location of the splitter leading edge in spanwise direction.
• Accurate CAD type output of blade profiles for export to different FEA and CFD codes.

ADT’s TURBOdesignSuite V3, based on 3D inverse design and flow related parameters, allows designers to access large parts of design space with ease. Representing the leading companies in aerospace, automotive power generation and marine fields, ADT’s clients are achieving better know-how transfer between projects and design teams, significant reduction in design time and higher performance.