TURBOdesign Optima – Turbomachinery Design Optimization

TURBOdesign Optima, the platform for turbomachinery design optimization, was developed as a joint-effort between ADT and Engineous Japan (now Simulia, Dassault Systhèmes) to couple advanced optimization techniques with 3D inverse design. The iDoE Consortium (Inverse Design of Experiments) was supported by a number of multinational turbomachinery manufacturers seeking to employ the specific advantages of 3D inverse design for systematic exploration of the design space and development of design know-how for all types of turbomachinery.

The Consortium sponsors included leading worldwide turbomachinery manufacturers for various types of turbomachinery covering industrial and automotive applications.

The wide range of applications of TURBOdesign1 across all types of turbomachinery components allows TURBOdesign Optima to address turbomachinery design optimization of all types of axial, mixed-flow, radial components, including inducers, impellers with or without splitter blades and diffusers.

Application of 3D inverse design instead of direct design approach provides a number of significant advantages for turbomachinery design optimization, these advantages are briefly summarised in this page: Inverse Design Based Optimization Versus Conventional. Overall TURBOdesign Optima by using the inverse design based blade parametrization makes 3D optimization of turbomachinery blades a practical reality that can be used by all turbomachinery designers who need not be optimization experts.

TURBOdesign Optima provides a clean and user friendly interface for designers to approach challenging multi-point, multi-objective and multi-disciplinary turbomachinery design optimization targets. The code allows direct coupling of ADT’s TURBOdesign1 and TURBOdesign CFD with either in-house or commercial CFD, FEA and optimization tools with a number of workflows: