TURBOdesign1 - 3D Inviscid Inverse Design Code


TURBOdesign1 is an aero/hydro-dynamic design software for turbomachinery blades based on a 3D inverse design method, which has been proved to contribute:

  • Performance improvement
  • Systematic series development
  • Rapid design cycle
  • Breakthrough design
  • Reduction of development costs


Basic Features of TURBOdesign1

TURBOdesign1 computes the 3D blade geometry for a given distribution of blade loading and blade normal thickness. Specifying blade loading gives direct control over the 3D pressure distribution and the spanwise work distribution. It allows for direct control of the 3D flow field and allows designers to explore a large part of design space efficiently leading to breakthrough designs. It results in significant improvement in performance as well as reduction in design and development times.

TURBOdesign1 Giff

TD-1 Giff

System Requirements

Operating System:

Windows - XP, 2000 and NT


500Mb minimum


2.8GHz P4 and above

Disk Space required:


PDF download: