Hydrodynamic Design System for Pumps Based on 3-D CAD, CFD and Inverse Design Method

ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting Fourth International Symposium on Pumping Machinery May 29 – June 1, New Orleans FEDSM2001-18068

A computer-aided design system has been developed for hydraulic parts of pumps including impellers, bowl diffusers, volutes and vaned return channels. The key technologies include three-dimensional (3-D) CAD modeling, automatic grid generation, CFD analysis and a 3-D inverse design method. The design system is directly connected to a rapid prototyping production system and a flexible manufacturing system composed of a group of DNC machines. The use of this novel design system leads to a drastic reduction of the development time of pumps having high performance, high reliability and innovative design concepts.  The system structure and the design process of “Blade Design System” and “Channel Design System” are presented.  Then the design examples are presented briefly based on the previous publications, which included a centrifugal impeller with suppressed secondary flows, a bowl diffuser with suppressed corner separation, a vaned return channel of a multistage pump, and a volute casing. The results of experimental validation, including flow fields measurements, were also presented and discussed briefly.