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The TURBOdesign Suite User Group Meeting 2014 was held at the Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, Central London, UK on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th November 2014. The inaugural event hosted by Advanced Design Technology was a huge success, with our global guest speakers and attendees enjoying a technical exchange on best practices and innovative ideas. Due to the popularity and positive feedback from this event, ADT have decided that should become a more frequent event, more information coming soon...

Over 10 Guest Presenters...

  • Centrifugal Impeller Blade Optimization for Performance Improvement by 3D Inverse Design Methods

    In this presentation, a centrifugal compressor impeller blade will be redesigned and optimized using 3D inverse design methods developed by ADT.

    Dr. Guy Phuong, Senior Development Engineer - Daikin Applied

  • Electric Boosting and Extreme Engine Downsizing

    The potential benefits of electrically driven turbo-machinery for extreme engine downsizing and Aersitech’s technology.

    Julien Servant, Commercial Director - Aeristech Ltd.

  • A Historical Perspective on Application of 3D Inverse Design at Ebara Corporation

    The 3D inverse design approach has been successfully applied to deal with a variety of hydro- and aero-dynamic design problems at Ebara Corporation. A historical perspective on the inverse design application will be presented together with a message for the future.

    Dr. Akiro Goto, Director, Division Executive - Ebara Corporation, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company

  • Multi-Objective Optimization of Cryogenic Inducer for Improved Cavitation and Suction Performance

    In the presentation, the examples of the optimization strategy of mixed-flow pump and inducer by means of TURBOdesign and CFD, optimization tools such as DoE, RSM and MOGA will be introduced.

    Dr. Hiroyoshi Watanabe, General Manager, Fluids Technology Department - Ebara Corporation, Fluid Machinery & Systems Company

  • Application of TURBOdesign1 to Design Axial and Mixed Flow Fans for Defense Applications

    Modern fans in military land vehicles include Engine Cooling Fans, AHU Blowers, OPS/NBC Fans, Engine and NBC Scavenge Fans. All of these fans have unique set of requirements, but in all cases maximum performance in minimum space claim is desired. Examples of application of TURBOdesign1 to design of axial and mixed flow fans will be presented.

    Dmitriy Reznikov, Thermal Fluid Systems Engineer - Marvin Land Systems

  • Francis and Kaplan Hydraulic Turbines Runners Design with TURBOdesign Suite Software

    Presenting the processes of runners blades formation in TD1 and the comparative results of CFD calculations ( TURBOdesign CFD applications) for the newly and existed designed runners. The efficiency curves values for the existed and newly designed turbines has been also discussed with respect to the conducted on-site measurements – acceptance tests.

    Maciej Kaniecki, Senior Turbine Engineer, Research and Development Department - ZRE Gdansk S.A.

  • An Integrated Approach to Centrifugal Pump Design and Qualification

    The range and versatility of the Centrifugal Pump continues to evolve, and by using the latest TURBOdesign Suite 3D inverse design software from ADT, Engineers now have the opportunity of adding a further step change in performance to this surprisingly complex product. The presentation will show how an integrated approach to the design and qualification process can pay dividends.

    Brian Millward, Director of Technology, SPX - ClydeUnion Pumps

  • Turbodesign1 application for centrifugal pump

    Pump manufacturers are being highly pressured to give better performances in small volumes. First centrifugal pump case will expose TD1 trust worthiness and capacity to compact impeller volume without degrading performances. In a 2nd case, influence of splitter blades will be presented.

    Alexandre Lacour, Executive Director - SOMEFLU

  • Optimization of an Axial Flow Propeller

    An investigation into efficiency optimization of an Axial flow propeller utilizing 3D inverse design coupled with ADT Optima. CFD and prototype testing results will be presented and discussed.

    David Cowen, Hydraulic Engineer - ITT Goulds Pumps

  • Inverse design method applied for automotive applications

    Electrical chargers are developed to reduce the low speed turbo lag. The 3D inviscid inverse design code from ADT has been used to design several wheels at different operating points. E-charger maps with pressure ratio, mechanical power and acoustic assessment are predicted using transient simulations and compared to experimental results.

    Youssef Beddadi - Simulation engineer - Valeo Systhemes Thermique

  • Automated Hydraulic Design of Pumps

    The presentation will provide an overview of the application of 3D inverse design methods for development of centrifugal pumps at Grundfos. Examples will be given on how the 3D inverse design tools can be integrated into an automated process involving also CFD and optimization tools.

    Dr. Nicholas Pedersen - Chief Engineer, Mechanical Hydraulic Development - Grundfos

What is included:

  • Two days participation to the UGM
  • Morning refreshments, lunch and afternoon refreshments
  • UGM proceedings for all presentations

Featuring 15 presentations from leading turbomachinery manufacturers alongside four design and optimization workshops for pumps, fans, compressors and turbines, the TURBOdesign Suite User Group Meeting is set to provide a highly technical exchange on best practices for design, analysis, automatic optimization and integration of 3D inverse design tools in industrial design workflows.


Global Industry Leaders...

Cummins Turbo Technologies

Market leader for turbochargers in the commercial vehicle market.

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Daikin Applied

Member of the #1 global air conditioning company, Daikin Industries.

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A leading automotive supplier and partner.

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EBARA Corporation - Fluid Machinery & Systems

A world leader in the design and manufacture of centrifugal electric pumps for the industrial and domestic markets.

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Marvin Land Systems

A major supplier to various DoD and Prime Government Contractors.

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